Frequently Asked Questions

About Managed IT Services

A Managed IT Services Provider (also known as an ‘MSP’) is a third-party for outsourcing IT services, including proactively managing and monitoring servers, networks, cybersecurity and end-user systems and devices.

Outsourcing IT services allow you to stay hyper-focused on expanding your business’ core competencies and revenue growth. Hy-Tek helps small businesses complete day-to-day tasks from help desk support, cloud computing, network management, backup and disaster recovery, and patch management.

Most Managed Services Providers provide basic management and resolution of IT issues, including troubleshooting server issues, network outages, network security, system and software updates, system administration, and backup management. Managed Services from Hy-Tek adds additional cybersecurity protection to deliver the best IT services in Central Alberta.

Finding and hiring IT people can cost a lot of money and time. Businesses save money and get more done by partnering with an MSP for IT operations.

With an MSP, small businesses will reduce costs, improve employee productivity and customer service, and free up internal resources to grow their business. Hy-Tek increases operational efficiency with proactive expert IT consulting for maintaining, securing, and optimizing networks and systems.

Enterprise experience,  personalized service and local support!


Frequently Asked Questions

About Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a set of processes, tools and frameworks to protect networks, devices, programs and data from cyberattacks. Cybercriminals launch such attacks to gain unauthorized access to IT systems, interrupt business operations, modify, manipulate or steal data, engage in corporate espionage, or extort money from victims.

Cybercrime is an increasingly serious problem, and to address it, strong cybersecurity is critical.

Individuals, governments, for-profit companies, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions are all at risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. In the future, the number of attacks will grow as digital technologies evolve, the number of devices and users increase, global supply chains become more complex, and data becomes more critical in the digital economy. To minimize the risk of an attack and to secure systems and data, strong cybersecurity will be vital.

Our cyber security solutions and service subscriptions are based on the number of assets or devices monitored and protected.

While small businesses’ typically spend hundreds or thousand dollars per month on cybersecurity, that’s much less than the millions it costs to recover from a cyber attack or ransomware.

Ransomware is the fastest growing cybersecurity threat to small business. Hackers use various tactics to exploit weaknesses in your networks and devices. They steal your data and files, prevent you from accessing it (sometimes including backups), and demand ransom before access is restored.

Unfortunately, businesses often pay the ransom but find later that the recovered data are no longer useable.

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) enables organizations to continue operations if an unexpected event, such as a cyberattack or data breach, occurs. But for this, a strong cybersecurity ecosystem is vital. When the right cybersecurity tools and technologies are in place, the enterprise can quickly react to any disruptive event, mitigate risks, and minimize damage.

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