No you do not need VPN to work from home or away from office for some applications, accessing your data securely does require a vpn in most cases.
You will need a  VPN connection to get secure access to your company network
  • 1- Click on start button then start typing FortiClient then click on the FortiClint icon to open it . (Please Note if you could not find the FortiClient contact us )

  • 2- Click on remote access then enter your password (same password you use to login to your computer ) then hit connect and wait until it’s connected .
  • 3- Please make sure that you disconnect when you are do not want to use the company network by hitting on disconnect button. 


First you will need to connect to VPN please use the previous steps 

  1. please find your remote desktop icon on the desktop then  open  it  double  click  on  it.
  2. The new box will show up asking you to enter your password , please enter your account password and hit  ok.

If you haven’t clicked any links in the email, that’s good. Until you’re certain that the sender is genuine, you should not follow any links, or reply.

The next thing to do is try and identify whether the email is a scam, or genuine. 

Here’s some tips on spotting phishing emails

  1. Many phishing emails have poor grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  2. Is the design and overall quality what would you’d expect from the organisation the email is supposed to come from?
  3. Is it addressed to you by name, or does it refer to ‘valued customer’, or ‘friend’, or ‘colleague’? This can be a sign that the sender does not actually know you, and that it is part of a phishing scam.
  4. Does the email contain a veiled threat that asks you to act urgently? Be suspicious of words like ‘send these details within 24 hours’ or ‘you have been a victim of crime, click here immediately’.
  5. Look at the sender’s name. Does it sound legitimate, or is it trying to mimic someone you know?
  6. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It’s most unlikely that someone will want to give you money, or give you access to a secret part of the Internet.
  7. Your bank, or any other official source, should never ask you to supply personal information from an email. 

Try to check any claims made in the email through some other channel. For example, by calling your bank to see if they actually sent you an email or doing a quick Google search on some of the wording used in the email.

Always if you are not sure do not click on any link and ask us first we will help you to decide 

Our live chat & remote support service is available to our valued customers and clients.

For customer with existing credit terms in place, remote support services will be billable to your account.
For customers that do not have credit terms with us or a great amount of time has lapsed since previous services,we will require prepayment prior to providing remote support services. Prepayment can be made via e-transfer. We can provide the e-transfer details upon request.
Our hourly remote support service rate is $125/HR.