Internet Services Provider

Slow Telus? Slow Shaw? maybe your ISP slows down at peak times. When it comes to internet, there’s no single best provider!  Our internet connections provide efficient service without the over capacity issues that other providers encounter. Prices and speeds will vary by your local area.  Our commitment to service and infrastructure offers customers a

HD Video Security Systems

Video security has exploded in today’s market.  Our experience in Hybrid and IP based camera solution is diverse.  Services, sales , installation and support all go with the packages we offer.    

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Hy-Tek Computers offers Local Cloud Hosting in our data center located at Rocky Mountain House or in our private cloud that is geo located across Canada. We understand the importance of data , security and policies pertaining to data storage.

Managed Services Provider

Hy-Tek computers has over 20 + Years of business experience along with 80+ years of combined staff knowledge in the IT industry. We offer MSP services everyday with network issues, end users, email, security , video security issues, the list goes on. We solve problems or come up with solutions that help our clients. What

What is IP Telephony?

 Starting in the mid, to late 1990s, the Internet and the TCP/IP protocol began to drive the telephone and communications industry to change. The Internet Protocol becomes the transport for almost all data communications. Today, all communication carriers are using an IP infrastructure for a part, or for all of its voice services.