Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Rates and Fee's

  • Remote Desktop Support -$95/hour  (Minimum 1 Hour charge) 
  • Phone Support- $2.25/min
  • On-Site: $95/hr and $1/km + materials
  • In-Shop: $70/hr (standard service (3-10 days)
  • In-Shop $90/hr (express service, priority)(same day-next day)
  • Website Design and Changes $125/hr
  • Internet or satellite service $125/hr
Please call for further information on billing and rates.

Customers may also email any concerns or problems to us free of charge. We recommend giving us your full name and contact number just in case we need further information, but it is not neccessary.
A technician will get back to the customer as soon possible. Due to high volume of technical assistance needed, there is no way to predict the time of reply to the e-mail.
We at Hy-Tek strive for a 24 hour response time. It is in our best interest to provide you with practical and accurate solutions to your problems promptly and efficiently.