Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Tech Support

Hy-Tek Computers goes that extra step to provide our customers with the best support possible. We have the following methods of support and assistance. 

Remote Desktop:
This type of service involves a technician being granted access to a clients pc to perform remote task's and servicing requests with our drone tool. There is a charge for every case that requires this type of service.  Because this technology requires a persistent connection, there may be delays with slower internet connections. All communication is encrypted.
In-Office Assistance:
Our store/office location. Hours of operation are 9:00am-12:00pm (closed at lunch) 1:00pm-5;00pm Monday to Friday. We can look at your problem here and use or bench services to test or address the issues you are having.  We offer no on-site warranties unless they have been pre-approved.
On-Site Assistance:
No problem! We will come to you and with all the proper information we can be prepared for the service you require. We have a Mobile unit going on all regular business days.
Toll Free: 1-(866)-454-9835
Office PH: (403) 845-4677
Office PH: (403) 844-4277 
Fax : (403) 844-2577