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Data Recovery Services:
Focusing on quality service for our customers, Hy-Tek Data & Forensics offers free consulting with highly knowledgeable data recovery technical staff providing top-notch support before, during and after the recovery process. This high level of customer service explains why a majority of our business comes from repeat customers.
From our experience there is nothing better than a backup, serious data recovery depending what the damage has occurred from can result in a long and expensive process. 
There are more affordable and fast solutions on the market to assist backups today than there was 5 years ago.
We can help to recover your data and provide assistance (MS office files, accounting files, accidental deletes, accidental format, damaged partitions, etc.).
We also can provide forensic Investigations for clients looking to expose security issue's in there network or staff structure.
For more information you can contact us at the below address.
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