Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Computers, Laptops and Electronics Repair.

Hy-Tek Computers offers a full line of service and repair options for customers. We have 21 years of ongoing business in our community. 
Repair Services: 
-Residential computer repairs on-site or at our service center. 
-Business computer repairs on-site or at our service center. 
-All brands and makes of computer repairs and services. 
-Express service and regular service options. 
-Complete Ransomeware, virus, spyware, adware, root kits, Trojans, and security threat removals. 
-Advanced and skilled technicians with years of experience and proper handling of your sensitive computer. 
-Full data recovery on all media. (Raid arrays, SCSI drive w/raid, all drives). 
-Bios SMC repairs, SMC repairs.
-motherboard repairs, laptop power connector repairs, laptop full LCD repairs. 
-Drive imaging, full backup and restore sets, multi drive configurations. 
-Complex and detailed system configurations. 
-Advanced Firewall and security configuration. 
-All windows operating systems we support. 
-Linux and Mac System support, upgrades and service. 
-PC upgrades, replacement parts, service parts (fans). 
-AVG certified partner 
-Educated and professional service technicians for problems other shops don't understand.